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Ian McShane as n Joe Padgettnn
Ray Winstone as n William Carneynn
Johnny Harris as n Jimmy McCabenn
Michael Smiley as n Eddienn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jxf-195-306597 9 / 10

Jawbone packs a punch

Boxing has proved fertile ground for writers and directors. Jawbone is certainly a welcome addition and deserves to be seen. One of the strongest elements to film is the tight script that like its protagonist is lean and, eventually, determined.The film starts with Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) having reached rock bottom, viewing the world through the bottom of a vodka bottle and close to eviction from his late mother's flat. Very much a character driven piece, the film involves and reveals slowly with small vignettes of Jimmy and those who supported him.Ray winstone and Ian mcshane are excellent but it's Michael smiley who takes the plaudits as Jimmy seeks some kind of redemption. Well worth searching out!!

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